Life Time Care

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Long Term Care planning=Asset and Income protection
Lifetime Income is a challenge today and in the future. One of the greatest challenges is the potential of the high cost of professional care in our later years. While the best retirement income investment programs account for many possible investment markets: pull backs and recessions, they often fail to account for this high cost of care., and this can be devastating to most families.  Asset protection strategies designed to 1)cover the cost of extended life time care for both spouses, and 2)maintain estate equity in the event of little or no use.

Assets that protect you against the depletion of the estate due to long term care expenses, but do not deplete your retirement income or the estate itself! Call us to see how this planning that is specific to your unique situation might be of value to you and your family.

We have a medical prescreen that is essential in determining if long term care insurance is a viable option in your sepcific case. This will help us to find the best possible insurance for you and your family. No cost and no obligation.  Click here for the PRESCREEN and be sure to note Randall Christian as your advisor.

Advance pre-planning is always best. But we are here to help where ever you are in the process.

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