RChristianFinancial Consultants, LLC (RCFC) is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA)firm providing advice to clients regarding investments, financial and estate planning for an agreed upon fee. 

Since many middle American Baby Boomers also have legitimate insurance product needs and require objective help in this area of their financial lives, we work with Christian Financial, Inc.,Insurance Services (CF).  CF is an independant insurance broker and is not obligated to any particular insurance company for products.  CF maintains independance seeking the best coverage for the client given the particular client circumstances.  

Most insurance products ( life, health,disability, annuity, long term care, property, causalty, liability) are not fee based but pays a commission to the agent/agency that handles the process of sales, applications and ongoing service.  (RCFC does have access to no load, no surrender charge life and annuity products that are investment oriented).The insurance industry has paid these commissions as a "distribution or acquisition cost". We feel that this commission is more of a retainer fee and believe that once a client uses our firm for the purchase or service of the insurance, we are beholden to that client to service the policy as part of our committment to placing the clients best interest first.