Are your legal documents up to date? What have you done to make sure that your property will go the way you want? When was the last time you reviewed your legal documents? Did you look it over with an Attorney? Do you have any Trusts? When did you last reveiw the beenficiary arrangements on life insurance? Have you reviewed your IRA and 40K beneficiary arrangments? Are you still married to the same person as when you did your legal paperwork? Have you moved from one state to another?
This is not intended to give legal advice, but are certainly issues that need to be reviewed.

These questions and more are not only for the very rich, but for anyone who loves others who will be left behind someday. The financial planning opportunities are tremendous when done in advance rather than at the last minute. This is one of the value added services we provide to our clients.

This information is designed to provide a general overview with regard to the subject matter covered and is not state specific. The authors, publisher and host are not providing legal, accounting or specific advice to your situation...