As we approach this new chapter in life, the concern of enough money is prevailant in all levels of affluence with us Baby Boomers, but most acutely with the Middle Americans.
Longer life, better medical care, better health in general all add up to 25 to 30 or more years after the target retirement date. The objective of our plan is this: We replace your FUD (Fear- Uncertainty- Doubt) with PCC (Peace of mind-Confidence- Clarity).
Here's how we outline the planning process:

  1. Who is our client? Get to know the hard data and the soft data.
  2. What is the target date/age? When do you wish to retire?
  3. From the data in item number one--will your current resources, plus additions along the way, be sufficient?

    Questions we answer are: When should you take Social Security? What is the budget? What will you be doing? Will you have a mortgage? Should a Reverse Mortgage be considered? Are there children and grand children to leave bequests to? Is custodial care a possiblity? How will it be paid for? How does inflation factor in? How much risk can you tolerate in your portfolio? These are just a few of the areas that  Many of us Boomers have and need to be considered in desiging a meaningful plan.  It's your life, and your money. What do you want to do?

We find that most Middle Americans are concerned with income more than net worth. Thus, coordinating the optimum date for taking SS, combined with a portion of the financial assets in a guaranteed lifetime income insurance product, proper protection of the remaining assets properly managed by institutional investment managers, results in the client acheiving flexibility, liquidity, growth and protection.  Peace of mind replaces the Fear, Confidence replaces Uncertainty, and Clarity replaces Doubt.

Once the intiial plan is in place we continue to work with our clients to help adjust for the changes that invaribly occur, maintaining PCC.