In light of the recent economic event that have so critically impaired our IRA and 401(K) balances, we Boomers have to re-group and re-access our retirement strategy and what we have to work with. 

Where are we going and how can we get there? 

Question #1 - Which is more important - your net worth or your income?
Question #2 - If you have a "number" like so many of the old strategies say you must, what happens when 2008 occurs again?
Question #3 - When 2008 happens again, will you have time to recover again?
Question #4 - How can we adjust and still live the rest of our life without money worries?
Question #5 - How much is enough? Is constant, unending growth and more, more, more really our goal, our objective in life or have we been conned into thinking so, to maintain our "productivity" for the corporate bottom line?

I would submit that you must have both, but that low net worth and high income is better than the other way around. $5,000,000 of mountain property is a beautiful thing to own, camp out on and walk around and hunt and fish on. It is natures pristine glory and very refreshing. But, it won't buy gas for the car, pay property taxes or groceries or any other bill. 

There are many products available today that offer Life Time Income Guarantees, subject to the solvency of the underwriting insurance company. There is the opportunity to move IRA, and company 401k balances into these insurance products which will:

  1. Guarantee your principal
  2. Guarantee a minimum return over the contract period
  3. Guarantee an "Income Account Value" that grows by 6% to 8% per year
  4. Maintain liquidity, subject to surrender charges for as few as 5-10 years.
  5. Guarantee income for life based on the "Income Account Value" without giving up access to the cash value.
  6. Allow any cash value balance to be paid to your beneficiary at death, or continue the payments for his/her life time as well.

While you might still need more than this for the rest of your life, it gives you a floor to depend upon, an annual or monthly income, which added to Social Security, and other investments like rental property and/or some active employment (doing something you enjoy) and you can have a great "retirement"!! You can live a life of comfort and do things you want with out worrying about "the money".

Knowing that you have enough to live comfortably for life can offer great peace of mind and for many is something worth looking into.

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