Randall "Randy" Christian ChFC, Retirement Income Certified Professional

Randall, who generally goes by Randy, has been helping people with their financial issues since 1984. From early beginnings at The Prudential Insurance Company through several assignments with various Broker/Dealers and insurance agencies, he always keeps the client’s interest first in all his dealings

.  As an independent registered investment advisor (RIA) and independent insurance agent(CLU, ChFC, RICP), he has no “grid” to fit the client into, but rather has the same array of products and services that any client would have access to, that is: the entire market place and strategies.  So, rather than the “bottom line” of what’s best according to the firm’s portfolio of products and services”, Randall helps each client to build, oversee and manage a “customized” program. To accomplish this high level of service, time with each client at their own pace is how he operates.

His Philosophy is that financial planning is an ongoing process, not an event. As external events change, he welcomes engagement to assure that what and if any adjustments to the process each client needs and then follows through to assure the changes are implemented.